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"Weight/Wait is a stunning conversation on mental health through the unified strength of dance and dialogue. A raw and enchanting dance performance, untangling one woman’s exertion with anxiety as she begins counselling" Voice Mag (

"a powerful piece of contemporary dance theatre and an emotional rollercoaster that is gripping from start to exquisite duet performed by two very impressive dance artists” Nadia Strahan, Fringe Review.

Empathetically tactful, gracefully written and exceptionally performed, Weight/Wait is as exquisite as it is heart-wrenching, a welcome conversation on anxiety through dance" Hannah Lee

Caldonia uses the body to tell stories, explore human experience and make people smile at the unexpected. Drawing upon text, theatre and film to make bold and relevant dance work. 


Her choreography has been shown at The Royal Opera House Linbury Theatre, The Dance Centre (Vancouver), The Southbank Centre, at London Fashion Week, on Channel 4 Random Acts, The Place, at the artsdepot and Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. She has worked as an Assistant Choreographer for Cirque Bijou's outdoor spectacle The Umbrella Project. 

Caldonia was the co-director (with Adam Lenson) and choreographer of the musical The Quentin Dentin Show, which has enjoyed production runs at The Edinburgh Fringe (2015) and in London at the Arts Theatre (2016) and Tristan Bates Theatre (2017).  

Her solo work Noise Control toured alongside Drunken Chorus' work throughout 2017. 

Between 2018-2020 Caldonia received Arts Council England funding to collaborate with Katharine Richardson on dance theatre duet Weight/Wait. 

Through 2020-2021, Caldonia is focussing on dance film creation, premiering new 10-min dance theatre film Holding Onto Ourselves in December 2020. 

'Special mention goes to Caldonia Walton for her choreography which is totally on point.' James Prescott, Everything Theatre

'the production is energetically inventive, professional and polished thanks to accomplished orchestration from director Caldonia Walton.' Peter Brown, ActDrop




Karen's at her first counselling session. Will her mind let her stay?


This “completely engaging and emotionally intelligent" dance theatre duet explores the mental and physical ‘weight’ of our thoughts and inner voice through raw, physical movement, dark humour, original text and music. The audience are taken on a journey with Karen as she tries to keep her head above water.


"It reveals the fragility of the human condition"
Arts for Health

Toured 10 venues through 2018-2019, including theatre venues, hospitals and community groups. 


The Quentin Dentin Show

Caldonia is the co-director (with Adam Lenson) and choreographer of the musical The Quentin Dentin Show, which has enjoyed production runs at The Edinburgh Fringe (2015) and in London at the Arts Theatre (2016) and Tristan Bates Theatre (2017).  

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ‘This rock musical is a winner’ – The Upcoming
★ ★ ★ ★ ‘Absolutely unmissable’ – Grumpy Gay Critic
★ ★ ★ ★ ‘Dangerously sexy musical numbers’ – London City Nights
★ ★ ★ ★ ‘Stands in a category of its own’ – London Theatre 1

Noise Control

how do we control the noise in our head?
why is anxiety prevalent now more than ever?
what can i do to ease off how loud it is in here?


Noise Control is a dance theatre solo following one young woman dealing with the endless chatter in her head. It disrupts her space and affects her body, exploring our desire for the next quick fix.

Noise Control has been created by Caldonia Walton through a mentoring programme with Drunken Chorus Theatre Company, and has been performed alongside Drunken Chorus’ full-length show Love and Then Lighthouses. 

2017 performances at Camden People's Theatre, Tristan Bates Theatre (London), Trestle Arts Base (St Albans) and Memo Arts Centre (Wales).  

Everyday Choreography

Channel 4 Random Acts

Everyday Choreography follows Gerrard on his way home from a tiring day at the office. He puts his headphones in to forget about his worries and finds himself amongst amusing interactions with two passers by that alter his outlook on life. 

Everyday Choreography has been screened on the Channel 4 Random Acts website, Derby Quad, Electric Palace (Birmingham) and Kings Cross pop-up cinema (London). It is currently part of the Playback Touring exhibition in association with Random Acts. 

Further choreographic work

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