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Caldonia teaches contemporary dance and movement in a range of settings. As a contemporary dance teacher, she uses a dynamic movement language to propel the body across the space, looking at the fall, release and flow of actions. Taking inspiration from a variety of sources from Cunningham, release and floorwork techniques to yoga and somatic practises. 

Caldonia has taught contemporary technique (Cunningham and release-based), improvisation, contemporary repertoire and choreography. 

She has led movement workshops with non-dancers for community projects and worked as a movement director with actors to realise character through the body. 

Caldonia gained a scholarship place from London Studio Centre for the Level 6 Diploma in Dance Teaching from the British Ballet Organisation. She graduated with Distinction in 2017.

'Caldy has an admirable enthusiasm for her craft, which was very motivating and made the exploration process even more enjoyable' Kennet Robertson, student at London Studio Centre

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