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I've got anxiety about my work about anxiety

I've got anxiety about my work about anxiety 

I'm a walking performance art 

No need to buy tickets 

Just come up to my bedroom, there is an installation happening 24/7

It's so immersive I'll let you get inside my head

Inside my head with all these words you're not actually speaking and all these thoughts you're not actually thinking 

Rehearsal room merged into reality 

Making work that triggers the unknown, the instability, the insecure 

Keep CALM they say

Capital letters and emphasised syllables

Ok great, let me just put another thing on my to-do list

The one I left in the bathroom

The one I tried to flush down the toliet

The one I tried to clean my teeth with so that it imprints onto the roof of my mouth

Got to, must do, must have, can't stop, can't chat, I'm working can't you see?

(She says from blank eyes, blank screen, blank mind)

A tiny bit of my heart seeps out every time I talk about the show 

I'm nervous to tell you, yet desperate for you to love it 


Yet I have no idea how to do this and I'm short on time 

I've got anxiety about my work on anxiety

Come see

We'll share, breath, laugh, dance and hopefully find  

Some sort of peace offering with my butterfly mind 

Weight/Wait is coming to Brighton Fringe, 18-19 May, 1pm, The Warren: The Blockhouse. Tix:

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