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Weight/Wait in development

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Playing. Prancing. Delving. Understanding. Talking. Doing. Sitting down. Challenging. Pushing. Out of breath. Reflecting. Teaching. Music. Story. Why am I dancer again?

How do you begin these processes? What do we want to share? What do we want to show? What do we want the audience to see/feel/hear? Is it someone's story? Are we telling our story?

Improv your way out of sitting down too much. Kathy get up and dance sad for me. Alex play some gypsy funk and let's see what happens. Yep that's going in.

Filtering the ideas into categories, trying to decipher the meaning before there is one, sometimes it's just movement.

Looking at things from different angles, seeing the beauty and the not so.

Tasks. Tasks. Tasks. Again. Again. Again. Pushing, pulling and rolling into

gymnastic-like contact work. Maybe lets start a little more gestural...

Getting our photos taken and realising what we've looked like all week. Nursing tight aches and shaking them off to house music. Starting something and knowing that actually it's going to take a long time before you are happy with this.

Visiting The Redwood Centre, seeing the stone floor and taking out the big jumps that land on our knees. But also meeting patients and beginning to form an understanding of how this work could speak to them.

Music being an obviously insane inspiration in creating story, narrative and emotion. And Kathy was just lying on the floor.

Trying text, improvising text, writing scripts, editing and cutting out. What would life be like if we only used the most important words?

Finding, figuring, fun and a fiddle.

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